Our Centre

The West of Scotland Autism and Asperger’s Centre

Main Area

This is split into two areas. The first is the main community area with a seating area. The second is where we do all of our wet play and messy activities, we also have a console space within this area with seating. This is also where meals are served during our youth clubs.

Sensory Room

We have a fully equipped sensory room to stimulated different senses. Equipment can be turned on or off as the user wishes.

Quiet Room

This room is designed for children that need a more relaxed environment

Meeting Room

Home to our board meetings and support groups but is also available for local community use.

Resource Room

This room is new to the centre and has computer stations for helping to completed PECS, learning Makaton, printing visuals or anything else you may find helpful. We also have a large number of books available within our small library to help parents/carers learn and support their children, as well as books designed for the children themselves.

Outdoor Area

The outside space has a lot of play equipment for families to enjoy as well as things to stimulate their senses.